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Bully Dog Breeds

General August 7, 2016

American Bully Dog Breeds

American Bully Dog Breeds

The American Bully Dog Breeds are medium/large size excellent family companion dogs that are an extension of the popular American Pit Bull Terrier Breed. The general characteristics and different exotic kinds of the American Bully Dog Breed are discussed below.

American Bully Dog Breeds have so far evolved from their original breeds to acquire their own appearance, temperament and characteristics. Furthermore, there is an infusion from other breeds such as the Old English Bulldog and the English Bulldog. Although American Bully Breeds look similar to Bulldogs, they should be considered as a separate breed.

General characteristics, impression, appearance and temperament

These Bully Breeds showcase a compact, thick-set strong build that involves a proper muscle tone, absolute soundness of muscles and proper athletic proportions. They give an impression of great strength for their size and an appearance of bulky build and look with a heavy bone structure. The blocky head of Bully Dog Breeds is usually in proportion to their muscular body. Moreover they rarely have aggressive behaviors towards humans and instead have exuberant willingness to bond and please with their families due to their zesty, gentle and friendly nature which makes them suitable companions to their owners.

The American Bully Dog Breeds have a powerful and fierce appearance but maintain a gentle demeanor always. They easily blend with kids and are extremely friendly with other dogs, animals, and even strangers. Bully pits scarcely portray extreme viciousness, shyness, and dog or human aggression.

Types of American Bully Breeds

There are different kinds of American Bully Dog Breeds. Each of these Bully Breeds has minor characteristics that cannot be realized at a casual glance.

The following are the major types:

  • The Bully Standard – This Bully Breed has either large or medium size compact body which gives an impression of great strength even when the size is small. They easily blend with their owners since they have gentle behavior. It can give a gentle sensation despite the small, tough and rough look.
  • The Bully Classic – Dogs of this Bully Breed have typical Bully traits but possess a lighter body frame and less body mass although they have more bones and substance compared to the American Stafford-shire Terrier or the American Pit Bull Terrier. Their traits include heavier bone or muscle, compact body, short square muzzles and blocky heads.
  • The Bully Pocket – This Bully Breed shares similar appearances, build, characteristics, body type and temperament as the American Bully Standard breed although they appear to be their shorter version. They are an amendment to the basic standard and are easily noticeable from their adult height which is usually very short (14 to 17 inches for males and 13 to 16 inches for females at the withers).
  • The Bully Extreme – This type of American Bully Dog Breed has a similar appearance, temperament and characteristics to the American Bully Standard. It’s only the name that differentiates them.
  • The Bully XL – This Bully Breed is the biggest type. It is taller compared to other Bully Breeds although they portray similar characteristics, appearance, and temperament.

Real American Bully Dog Breeds are gentle, cool, friendly and zesty dogs irrespective of the Bully Dog Breed you choose or prefer. It is the above features that have made them such favorite pets and popular dogs to adopt or buy over the years.

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